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Book Flight and Hotel for Family Vacation

Tips and Lessons Learned on booking flight and hotel for a family vacation

by Shirley
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how to book flight and hotel for family vacation

We love to travel as a family. For this post, I’d like to share some thoughts and lessons learned in regard to how to book flight {plane tickets} and hotel {lodging} for a family vacation.

Book a flight for a family vacation

Since the pandemic, most airlines have waived ticket change fees. Even for non-fundable tickets, they usually give you airline credit to be used within a specific timeframe. However, in order for you to benefit from this, you have to book directly with the airlines. The good news is that the airline industry in general has beefed up its online booking capabilities since covid-19.

But how do you know which airline offers the most competitive pricing and route availabilities for your trip? For that, you can use services such as ExpediaKayak, Skyscanner to do research and compare the price and options. Once you’ve done your homework and figured out what flight to book, you can then go to that specific airline to book the ticket.

Tips on how to book a hotel for a family vacation

For our family vacation, I prefer to stay at an apartment. There are so many benefits we love. Not only do we have more space and get to know what a typical local apartment looks like, but we can also cook homemade food.

Staying at an apartment also enables us to visit local grocery stores and/or farm markets and shop like a local.

We know travel is hard on our bodies’ digestive systems. When staying in an apartment, we can make leafy vegetables, oats porridge, and cook local season fresh food. I also love making chai tea in the morning and detox tea after dinner. All these help soothe, regulate, and nourish our bodies.

There are many choices to book an apartment, Airbnb, Vrbo, and booking.com, to name a few. I usually start with booking.com.

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