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Anti Aging Serum {Homemade Best Effective}

by Shirley
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homemade anti-aging-serum

This powerful homemade Anti Aging Serum is a simple oil blend of some of mother nature’s most potent carrier oils and essential oils. These oils contain essential nutrients that nourish our body cells naturally and effectively. It is also a hugely effective all-purpose serum. Suitable for face, neck, eye, lip, scalp, hair and hands.

Making it at home is such a breeze, just a simple mix and blend involving no complex steps. However, the underlying nutrients they contain magically nourish our skins from the inside out. It surely will award you amazing results.

My Anti Aging Serum Story

I came across a lot of exceptional carrier oils and essential oils after having jump-started a healthier living journey back in the summer of 2015. Read here for my story. These oils contain nutrients that support body cell repair and regeneration.

Impressed by what I read, I started blending some carrier oils with essential oil as a serum to apply on the face, eyes, and hair & scalp at night time. How did it go? I think not bad judging by below two pictures I took 11 years apart.

Admittedly, I picked up a few makeup tips along the way, LOL, which can be another day’s topic. I can’t say I am not awed by the results. I noticed my skin became calmer and plump-looking. Even my eyebrows and eyelashes grew.

In case you are curious, we took the 2009-picture at a big box retailer portrait studio, and the 2020-picture at home using our own equipment. You can totally do your typical studio shots at home if you have a very basic DSLR camera, as I do.

family 2009 homenaturallymade.com
January 2009, Family Picture
family picture 2020
January 2020, Family Picture

Carrier Oils vs. Essential Oils:

You might wonder what are carrier oils vs. essential oils, and how we use them differently?

Carrier OilEssential Oil
Carrier oil is vegetable oils that are derived from fatty portions of a plant, such as seeds, kernels and nuts. Essential Oil is oil distilled from parts of the plants, such as leaves, barks, and roots. 
People use carrier oil for cooking (food grade) and making all kinds of products. In addition, we can use some carrier oil directly on skin as a moisturizer. Rarely we use essential oils directly on skins. A few drops of essential oils added into a large base of carrier oils are usually how we use essential oil.
People also use them for aroma therapy.
Carrier Oil Vs. Essential Oil Comparison

If possible, I recommend always get the organic, cold-pressed, and unrefined carrier oils. It is the best way to get the maximum benefits out of it.

Anti Aging Serum Best Carrier Oils:

There are many carrier oils out there. I have handpicked seven best anti-aging carrier oils – Jojoba Oil, Hempseed Oil, Camellia Oil, Rosehip Oil, Avocado Oil, Grapeseed Oil, and Hazelnut Oil.

Together, they do an outstanding job moisturizing the skin, repairing cells while helping lift and tighten of the skins. These oils also contain anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and soothing substances that keep our kin healthy.

carrier oils illustration homenaturallymade.com
Carrier Oils I use as base oils for the Anti-Aging Serum

Each oil contributes to the overall success uniquely. I’ll walk you through in more details below.

Jojoba Oil as anti aging serum carrier oil:

Jojoba Oil comes from the seeds or nuts of the jojoba plant. The jojoba plant is a perennial shrub native in North America, mostly in desert areas with harsh conditions.

People believe jojoba oil mostly resembles that of our own skin sebum. This makes it the number one carrier oil used for all skin types.

It has outstanding properties to soften skins, minimize fine lines and wrinkles. Also, jojoba oil is very easy for the skin to absorb. We can use jojoba oil directly out of the bottle skins, 100%.

Hempseed Oil as anti aging serum carrier oil:

Hempseed Oil comes from seeds of the industrial hemp. Cold-pressed and unrefined one has a strong dark green color. This gives the final anti-aging serum a green hue. They contain very high essential fatty acids that closely resemble the skin’s natural lipids.

The skin can easily absorb vitamins and minerals in Hempseed Oil. It is super moisturizing and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Like Jojoba Oil, we can use Hempseed Oil directly out of the bottle, 100%.

It worth mentioning that hemp is a versatile ancient plant. People started cultivating it to make fibers 50,000 years ago.

Camellia Oil as anti aging serum carrier oil:

Camellia Oil is from the seeds of camellia plants, native to China’s southwest Yun Nan Province (云南). People sometimes call Camellia “tea tree” and camellia oil “tea oil”.

This is because the leaves of Camellia Plants are used to make all kinds of tea in China for thousands of years, including white tea, green tea, and oolong tea (Chinese black tea).

Camellia Oil is one of nature’s wonder oils, being high in antioxidants and loaded with nutrients to help skin & hair to lock-in moisture.

We typically use about 2-10% in most formulations

By the way, please do not confuse this with the Tea Tree Essential Oil. Completely different thing. Tea Tree Essential Oil itself has impressive health benefits. I use it to relieve toe nail fungus, extremely effective.

Camellia Fun Facts:

It is truly an amazing plant. They keep growing the flower buds quietly for several months. Just as you wonder whether those buds will ever bloom, they reveal the most beautiful & luxurious blossom. What’s more, this usually happens during the coldest time of the year. It reminds me that good things take time.

Rosehip Oil as anti aging serum carrier oil:

Rosehip Oil is coming from the accessory fruit of a wild rose bush called Rosa Canina. They typically grow in Europe and Asia.

People consider Rosehip Oil a must-have for anti aging serum. Here are the reasons. Rosehip contains high level of vitamin C, E and B, and other antioxidants and minerals. The high concentration in vitamin C helps reduce the signs of aging around eyes and mouth areas. Vitamin A helps to delay the effects of skin aging, assists with cell regeneration, and promotes collagen and elastin levels.

As for the usage, we typically use about 10%-20% in the formulations.

Avocado Oil as anti aging serum carrier oil:

Avocado Oil, perhaps the most familiar oil to most people in the recipe, is coming from avocado.

It is high in sterolins which help to reduce age spots and help heal sun damage and scars. Astringent helps tighten the skins, shrink the pores, and remove bacteria.

Skins can easily absorb Avocado Oil and transport the nutrients deep into the tissues. People also believe Avocado Oil might help increase skin collagen level too.

As for the usage, normally we use 10%-20% in the formulations, as it is a very heavy oil.

Grapeseed Oil as anti aging serum carrier oil:

They are from the seeds of grapes and used to be a by-product of the winemaking industry.

Grapeseed Oil contains powerful antioxidants and mild astringent substances. The former helps erase some of the aging signs. The latter help to tighten and tone the skin.

Technically , we can use Grapeseed Oil directly out of the bottle, 100%. Commonly, we use about 10%-20% in the formulations. I used about 12% in this recipe.

Hazelnut Oil as anti aging serum carrier oil:

Hazelnut Oil is coming from hazelnut, a well-liked nut from hazel. Hazel is a tree or large shrubs native to Northern Hemisphere.

The oil contains skin-nourishing vitamins and fatty acids that help hydrate skins, heal sun damage, and promote collagen production. The tannins in Hazelnut Oil makes it a natural astringent too.

Our skin can easily absorb hazelnut oil. Therefore, we can use it directly out of the bottle 100%.

Anti Aging Serum Best Essential Oils:

I handpicked 4 Essential Oils in this recipe: Frankincense Essential Oil, Carrot Seed Essential Oil, Geranium Essential Oil, and Chamomile Essential Oil.

essential oils illustration homenaturallymade.com
Essential Oils I add to the Anti-Aging Serum
Essential OilHealth Benefits
Frankincense Essential Oil is distilled from the resin of the Boswellia tree. It typically grows in the dry and mountainous regions of India, Africa, and the Middle East.The anti-inflammatory and astringent content makes Frankincense Essential Oil an important ingredient for this Anti-Aging serum.
Carrot Seed Essential Oil is distilled from the seeds of wild carrots. Wild carrot plants bloom in white flowers that have carrot-scented roots.Carrot Essential Oil has strong antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant substances. This makes it an important ingredient for anti-aging serum.
Geranium Essential Oil is distilled from the leaves of a very specific geranium called sweet-scented geranium.Besides pleasant aroma, Geranium Essential Oil also contains antioxidants, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and astringent substances.
Chamomile Essential Oil is coming from chamomile plants. The term chamomile refers to several species of daisy-like plants that all belong to the Asteraceae family.Chamomile enjoys a huge reputation for its soothing & calming effects. 
Best Essential Oils for Anti Aging Serum

For best practices, people dilute essential oil in carrier oil for the best usage. I use 10 drops for each of these three Best Anti Aging Serum Essential Oils in this recipe, which produces 16 oz. of serum.

Geranium Essential Oil additional Information:

Geranium is a large family of over 400 different species of the annual, biennial, and perennial plants. Most geraniums do not carry pleasant scents at all, including the most common annual plant with bright red flowers.

Only the leaves of one special geranium, called pelargonium gravelolensand, carry a charming sweet rose scent. They are native to some South African countries. We nickname them sweet-scented geranium or rose-scented geranium.

Geranium Essential Oil is a popular ingredient for perfumes and cosmetics. In addition, they are also used in aromatherapy. Some bakery places incorporate it in the bakery to create a yummy smell. The incredible scent is one of the important reasons I included it in the Serum.

Besides pleasant aroma, Geranium Essential Oil has other benefits too. They contain antioxidants, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and astringent substances. Who can resist something that is so healthy and smells so good at the same time?

Chamomile Essential Oil additional information:

Roman chamomile and German chamomile are the two main types of chamomile. Roman chamomile is a perennial plant that grows close to the ground with small white flowers. German chamomile is an annual plant that can grow as tall as three feet with large white blossoms. Both flowers have a yellow central disc floret.

Chamomile Essential Oil from these two types of chamomiles is slightly different in terms of substances. They are similar in key aspects as soothing effects. This makes either is good for this recipe.

Dried chamomile flowers are popular herbal tea in China, which is gentle enough to drink every day.

How Anti Aging Serum Work?

For some people, this Serum concept may be completely against the conventional theory. We, I included, have been brainwashed as we grow up that oil in the skin is bad, and we need to get rid of that. Therefore, there are all kinds of commercial skincare products available on the market aiming to eliminate the oils in the skin.

Proper oils are in fact an essential nourishing element for our skins, like food for our bodies. When our skins lack the nutrients, they become agitated and saggy. This leads to symptoms such as acne, greasy skins, dull-looking skins. However, if you supply the skin with proper and ample nutrients, it becomes calm and plump.

Speaking of nutrients, I am a huge advocate of taking the nutrients in its original state. Absolutely not in any fabricated or engineered forms. This is because our bodies recognize nutrients this way so much better. It helps them to absorb the nutritional substances more effectively and efficiently.

When you apply this powerful oil blend on skins during night time, skins become not greasy at all during the following day. I know it is counter-intuitive but true.

Tools and Gadgets you may need to make this Anti Aging Serum at home

A glassware measuring cup to hold and mix the oil. They are also extremely useful when you make this fantastic body lotion.

The mini whisk and mini rubber spatula are so handy to do all kinds of things such as mix, whisk, and scrape.

A quality kitchen scale with various units reading, so that you can easily convert various units. The “TARE” function is especially handy so that you can measure any incremental weight.

A good 4 oz. bottle for storing homemade Anti Aging Serum for day to day use.

Things you should know:

This all-natural powerful skincare solution doesn’t come with no cons. For example, you may not like the oily feeling when you apply this anti aging serum on your face. However, they are very easy for the skin to absorb. Therefore, they won’t be there for long.

Also, you may want to cover your pillow with a towel to avoid oil gets to the pillowcase.

Last but not least, if you think you might develop allergic reactions to any of the oils mentioned here, consult your doctors before you take any actions. Consider applying a tiny test drop on areas such as arms before applying to your face. Read my disclaimer here.

If you do decide to give it a try it after the recommended due diligence, I’d love to hear about it. Let me know!

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homemade Body Lotion {Deep moisturizing Healing}
Homemade Body Lotion {Deep moisturizing Healing}
homemade anti-aging-serum

Anti Aging Serum {Homemade Best Effective} Recipe

Yield: 16 oz
Cook Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes

This powerful Anti-Aging Serum is a simple oil blend of some mother nature's most potent carrier oils and essential oils. It literally takes 5 minutes to mix and blend. These oils contain essential nutrients that nourish our skins and hairs naturally and effectively, which will award you with amazing lasting results.  Did I mention that you can use this for your eyes, face, neck, and hair?


Carrier Oils:

  • Jojoba Oil 4oz
  • Hemp Seed Oil 3 oz
  • Camellia Oil 2 oz
  • Rosehip Seed Oil 2 oz
  • Grapeseed Oil 2 oz
  • Hazelnut Oil 2 oz
  • Avocado Oil 1 oz

Essential Oils:

  • Carrot Seed Oil 10 drops
  • Frankincense Essential Oil 10 drops
  • Chamomile Essential Oil 5 drops
  • Geranium Essential Oil 10 drops


  1. Add all the carrier oils into the glass measuring cup, mix & blend well using the rubber spatula, about 1 minute.
  2. Add essential oils, mix & blend well about 1 minute.
  3. All done. Store serum in a 16 oz bottle.
  4. Use a 2 oz dispense bottle for nightly application.


  • For carrier oils, I recommend organic cold-pressed and unrefined, if possible. to maximize the benefits.
  • For Essential Oils, I recommend 100% pure, organic, and therapeutic grade
  • For application - Pour a few drops into the palm, and then use fingers to apply to the face including the area around the eyes, the mouth, neck area, as well as hand, hair, and scalp.

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